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Background Checking Made Simple with VettingGateway

VettingGateway is an easy-to-use online platform which makes your in-house background checks quick and simple. You can complete pre-employment screening, criminal record, right to work checks and any industry specific regulatory checks you might need all in one place.

With more automation built in than any other background checking platform on the market, VettingGateway takes the stress out of pre-employment vetting for employers and candidates. Every aspect of the platform has been designed to save your vetting team members time.

"VettingGateway is an integral part of our background checking process.

Without it, we'd be unable to manage such a large pool of people."

Manchester Airport Group


How can VettingGateway help you?

Reduce your hiring risk by background checking new hires.

Time and resources are saved when background checking your applicants.

Referees and candidates are automatically chased at your chosen frequency reducing the need for human intervention.

Our task management system automatically prioritises your task so you can complete your applicant's checks faster.

Integrates into AirportGateway to save you time when completing airside pass applications as your candidates data can be automatically transferred across.

Watch our video to find out more about VettingGateway

Introducing VettingGateway
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"Since implementing VettingGateway in 2022, we have seen a number of improvements across our pre-employment checking processes. With features like auto chasing of candidates and referees, the verified company address book and prioritised task lists for our team, our background checks are now quicker and more streamlined and have created more resilience within our teams."

Wilson James

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