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AirportGateway is the perfect solution for any airport looking to streamline, manage and automate airport ID pass applications, increase compliance, reduce insider threat and improve security for both staff and passengers.

Our globally recognised solution allows airports to manage all airside pass applications via an online portal. All applications are rigorously controlled and streamed into your ID Centre using AirportGateway’s comprehensive and detailed rules engine, significantly reducing error and rejection rates and allowing all applications to be centrally managed and controlled. Airport-based companies (Sponsors) can create, manage and submit multiple different application types (all of which can be specifically configured to your airport’s requirements) for permanent and temporary airport ID passes, both airside and landside.

The AirportGateway solution controls, tracks and records all elements of an individual’s application, enabling your airport to better manage applications within a controlled and structured application mechanism. This ultimately reduces the risk of error, fraud and the insider threat. IDGateway has been proven to significantly decrease ID pass turnaround times and speed up throughput in your ID Centre, creating efficiency in your processes and improved levels of security and customer service.


Discover AirportGateway

Watch our short video to look into the AirportGateway platform to see how this unique ID Pass application and management software is helping Airport ID Centres increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve security.

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Better utilise human resource by significantly reducing queries, phone calls, emails, scanning and archiving

AirportGateway manages the application process at every step to reduce rejection rates to a minimum

Self-issue temporary passes significantly reduce the need to visit the ID centre

Personalise your dashboard view, so you only see applications which are relevant to your part of the business

A variety of reporting templates enable teams to analyse data to help improve efficiency

How it works

Sponsors and Users on AirportGateway

Sponsor companies can appoint and self manage 'Users' and 'Signatories' with different permissions, who can create and submit ID pass applications .  All details are kept up to date in real time and require no administration from the ID Centre.

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Solutions for smaller airports

Our ‘Smaller Airports’ solution aims to provide a cost-effective solution for airports with a typical footfall of four million passengers or less per year. Our product enables businesses of this size to benefit from many of the security and efficiency features within AirportGateway but within the typical budget of a smaller airport.

‘AirportGateway Smaller Airports’ is a feature-rich but ‘vanilla’ version of the bespoke AirportGateway solution. Ready to deploy with minimal configuration, it offers much of the core functionality and processes which are enjoyed by the larger airports. For smaller airports wishing to introduce additional features or customisation at a later date, we make it easy for you to migrate to the more comprehensive and tailored AirportGateway solution.

We are delighted to offer our ‘Smaller Airports’ solution on a pay as you go, transactional-charging basis in order to keep your airport’s operational costs to a minimum.


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