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Everything you need to know about BS7858

BS7858 is a British Standard which outlines the requirements for conducting pre-employment background checks on individuals who are to be employed in roles where security is a priority.  

This Standard is particularly prevalent in industries and sectors such as security and finance, where individuals may have access to information of a sensitive nature, handle cash, or have access to secure areas.

Read on to learn more about BS7858, including how you can get started with your checks. 

Purpose of BS7858 

The BS7858 Standard aims to minimise security risks by ensuring those who are employed in security-sensitive roles are trustworthy, reliable and suited for the position. It helps to mitigate risks such as insider threat, fraud, theft and other security breaches. 

Requirements of BS7858 

The Standard sets out specific requirements for pre-employment background checks that must be completed. These include: 

  • Identity Checks 

  • Right to Work Checks 

  • 5 Employment History, including any gaps over 31 days  

  • Basic DBS Checks 

  • Adverse Financial (Credit) Checks 

  • Sanctions Checks  


While compliance with BS7858 is not necessarily mandatory, many organisations choose to adopt it as best practice, demonstrating their commitment to security risk management. Compliance with BS7858 can also be required for some certifications or accreditations. 


BS7858 is reviewed periodically and updated to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. Organisations should therefore stay informed about any revisions and update their background checking processes accordingly. 

How can I get started with BS7858? 

VettingGateway can accommodate your BS7858 screening by providing all the background checks you need in one central location. The pre-set BS7858 bundle enables you to quickly and easily complete your checks to the latest recommendations set by the British Standards Institution (BSI), with all the requirements set up and ready to use.  

Ready to find out more?  

Simply book a demo with a team member below.


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