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How to ensure your background checking process is candidate friendly

When it comes to recruiting and hiring new employees, efficient background checks are essential, not only for the employer but for the candidate too. Background checks can often cause unnecessary hold ups that create issues for organisations needing to hire quickly.  

There are a few common misconceptions when it comes to background checks, which can put candidates off proceeding with the screening process even after an employment offer has been made. A transparent hiring process is key to combatting this, and will support with building trust between both parties, ensuring confidence in both the process and the organisation itself.  

There are many ways in which the background checking process can be made candidate-friendly to ensure that the new employee can start in their position as quickly as possible.  

Here’s our round up of how you can make your background checking process as candidate-friendly as possible. 


Communicate clearly 

Ensure you communicate the purpose, scope, and process of background checks to your candidates. This ensures they understand why and how it relates to their suitability for the role, and will help to build trust. 


Deliver a consistent experience 

Many businesses outsource their background checks to third parties in an attempt to alleviate the administrative burden on the company and onboard employees faster, however with modern technology and advances in software and automation, this may not be the best way to complete background checks. Keeping your checks in-house can massively improve consistency for the candidate, along with delivering a much faster turnaround time, as you will not be waiting for third parties to finish the process for you.   

Use non-invasive questions 

To keep your process as candidate-friendly as possible, whilst still delivering the comprehensive checks you require, ensure that your screening remains aligned with the job requirements. This means that candidates won’t be required to answer unnecessary or invasive questions that aren’t related to the role.  

Maintain a compliant approach 

Consent is key whilst conducting background checks, and respecting candidates’ privacy is essential. By ensuring you use a reputable, compliant provider for your background checks, you’ll establish trust with your candidate. Typically, this is one of the key reasons that an organisation chooses to outsource their checks to a third party provider, however a compliant approach can be easily achieved in-house by ensuring you use a reputable platform that meets the highest compliance standards.  

Ensure a timely turnaround  

Always consider the turnaround time of any processes you’re putting in place during the hiring and onboarding stages of recruitment. For your background checking, a timely and efficient process will help to avoid unnecessary delays for both you and your candidate, ultimately resulting in a faster time-to-hire.  

Keep it simple 

Ensuring that your process has user-friendly technology is key. This means that candidates can complete the full background checking process on either a mobile, device, or desktop with ease.  


Background checking is arguably one of the most critical stages in the hiring process once an employment offer has been made, with the required checks then needed to be completed before the start date. By following the above points, you will avoid losing out on the best talent by improving the candidate experience.  

We can help you determine the best approach for your business by introducing you to VettingGateway, the simple and easy-to-use online platform for completing your pre-employment background checks. Simply book in a time below with one of our vetting experts. 


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