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IDGateway announces the launch of brand-new solution, Enterprise Hub, into their groundbreaking background checking platform, VettingGateway

Updated: May 30

IDGateway has today announced the exciting launch of Enterprise Hub, an innovative new solution created specifically for those who manage background checks on behalf of external businesses, or for those who require the ability to separate internal divisions within their own organisation.

Perfect for recruitment businesses, outsourced background screening providers, or those who simply need to group their pool of applicants in to discreet ‘Zones’, Enterprise Hub delivers a simple, logical system created to transform the way you manage your pre-employment background checks.   

Here’s how you can use Enterprise Hub to eliminate complexity, increase efficiency and speed up your time-to-hire:

1. You provide pre-employment background screening on behalf of other organisations

With the creation of Zones, you’re able to view a consolidated dashboard summary of all your current clients, as well as refining this further to view and manage specific Client Zones and their associated applicants.

As the ‘Hub’ organisation, you can effortlessly monitor and manage all of your clients’ applicants and control their referencing and vetting requirements. This enables you to aggregate your work into a single workflow, with the peace of mind that your clients’ GDPR data is safely and securely segregated by their Zone.

If you wish to, you can invite your client to view and manage their own Zone, allowing them to invite, monitor and manage their own applicants using the checks specified by you.

Additionally, by adding their branding, you also benefit from a consistent, visual indication of which Zone you’re working in. This branding is then replicated across all communications sent from the platform, delivering a better experience for your applicants.

2. You require the ability to structure your organisation in to departments, locations, role-types, or other logical groupings

For large or complex businesses, where teams are dispersed across locations, departments, or recruit for a diverse range of roles with differing vetting requirements, Zones gives you the flexibility to structure your organisation in whichever way makes the most sense for you.

This not only gives you a clear dashboard overview of your entire ‘Hub’, but enables you to  filter in to specific Zones and invite the relevant team members to work on them. 

Julian Parker, Founder & Managing Director of IDGateway, commented:

“We’re delighted to begin the New Year with the launch of our much-anticipated new solution, Enterprise Hub. Those who conduct background checks on behalf of other organisations, or work in multi-divisional businesses, have unique challenges and requirements, and it’s important to us that we continue to help our growing network of clients in this space to be successful. So, by listening to their feedback, we have created something that is truly transformative. A clearer, simpler way of managing the entire process, whilst still providing all of the industry-leading capabilities of the existing VettingGateway platform. The feedback so far has been phenomenal, and I’d like to express my sincere thanks to the team for their hard work in delivering this, what a fantastic start to 2024!”

To find out more about VettingGateway, please book a demo with a team member below.


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