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What are accreditation checks and why do I need to do them?

Updated: May 30

On 1st January 2022, enhanced background checks became a mandatory regulation in order to obtain Airside passes at UK airports. Enhanced background checks include a standard background check, plus an Accreditation check performed by the UK Government, and must be conducted on anyone going airside unescorted at a UK airport

What is included in an Enhanced Background Check?

Enhanced background checks combine:

  • A standard background check which comprises of:

    • 5 year references and employment history check

    • Basic criminal record checks

    • Identity check

  • An Accreditation check (AC Check), which is undertaken by the UK Government

Why have Enhanced Background Checks been introduced?

Enhanced background checks are being introduced as part of the UK Government’s ongoing commitment to aviation security. This is to mitigate the risk of the Insider Threat at British airports.

How can I complete these checks?

You must complete a background check, Identity check and Aviation Security training (GSAT) by collecting references, applying for criminal record checks and conducting Avsec training. But this can be time and labour intensive. Alternatively, you could use an online background checking tool such as VettingGateway. Brought to by the experts at IDGateway, VettingGateway is an easy-to-use platform that uses automated tools to allow you to complete the required background checks all from one online platform. These comprise a 5 year employment check, Criminal record check and Identity check. For more information on how VettingGateway can help click here. Or you can sign up for your free starter licence by clicking here.

Once complete, a seamless integration with AirportGateway allows you to continue the process. AirportGateway then makes an application for an Accreditation check directly to the UK Government, using our automated solution that gives you total visibility on the status of your application for an Accreditation check.

IDGateway are the only company who offer an end-to-end solution for enhanced background checks. So get in contact with our team today who can support your requirements.


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