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How background checking software can help the UK aviation sector speed up recruitment

Updated: May 30

A recent study revealed that 78% of job applicants would drop out of a lengthy or complex recruitment process. For UK employers hiring staff within an airport environment, this is a scary statistic. The aviation sector already faces many recruitment challenges including needing to facilitate Airside passes for new staff. With labour shortages already a concern, it’s clear that hiring the right people more quickly is fast becoming a top priority for the industry. One way to speed up the recruitment process while also ensuring that the right people are hired is through the use of background checking software. VettingGateway is the leading background checking software for the UK aviation sector, helping to solve the key challenges that the industry faces. Nearly all UK (and New Zealand) airports use AirportGateway to speed up and improve the process of obtaining airside passes for staff within airports. VettingGateway is the only background checking platform that integrates with AirportGateway. This integration allows for airside pass applications to be filled in automatically, using the data captured from the background checking stage. VettingGateway also automates many of the tasks associated with background checks, such as verifying employment and education history, checking criminal records, and running credit checks. All background checks are centralised in a single platform and bundled into packages so that hiring managers can simply select a bundle of checks specific to their sector. By designing VettingGateway in this way, employers save a significant amount of time and resources, allowing the UK aviation sector to quickly and efficiently identify the most qualified candidates. VettingGateway shows any red flags that may indicate that the person is not suitable to work within an airport, helping to reduce the risk of hiring someone who may pose a security threat or who may not be able to perform the job effectively. Whilst speeding up time to hire is a priority for the UK aviation sector, it is also crucial to ensure the data captured in background checks is accurate. VettingGateway helps to improve the accuracy of background checks by searching for information from multiple sources, such as government databases and social media, to ensure that the most complete and up-to-date information is used when making hiring decisions. This can help to reduce the risk of errors and ensure that the right people are hired. With compliance built in, hiring managers have peace of mind that new staff are going through the right checks and that consent is obtained where required. VettingGateway plays an important role in helping the UK aviation sector to speed up recruitment while also ensuring that the right people are hired. The software helps to ensure that the airport sector is staffed with trustworthy and reliable individuals who can help to maintain safety and security at the airports.


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