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Platform vs. Paper: Making the move to a digital solution for your background checks

Updated: May 30

Changes in consumer behaviour in recent years, along with rapidly improving technology, has seen the adoption of apps and online platforms skyrocket. Technology is now a part of routine life, both personally and professionally, so it’s only a matter of time before the use of paper becomes obsolete.

In the work environment, the use of technology means organisations have better control over data and can improve processes. Business owners are always looking for ways to increase profitability and efficiency. So, by moving to digital solutions, which encourage continuous improvement, increased productivity and lower error rates, that desired profitability and efficiency is achieved.

So, your company has introduced technology, apps and SaaS platforms across key areas and functions within the business. But…you’re still manually completing background checks for new hires, or outsourcing it to a company to do it for you. There’s a better way!

Read on to discover the benefits of moving to an in-house digital solution for your employee background checking.

Improve efficiency: A digital solution takes the admin out of carrying out background checks on your applicants by using high levels of automation which speeds up your processes.

Reduce hiring risk: With no limitations, you can background check every single new employee, reducing your risk of bad hires, and ensuring they are the best fit for your company.

Deliver a great applicant experience: it’s a candidate-led market in almost every industry, so delivering a slick, seamless experience for your applicants is crucial. Having an intuitive applicant portal which guides them through the process step by step is fundamental to delivering a great first experience of your company.

Save time and money: A highly automated platform is key to saving you time, money and resource by giving your team time back in their day.

Gain better traceability and accountability: Going digital means you’ll gain a completely reliable source of truth for who did what, when and how – an automatic audit trail.

These are just a small selection of the many benefits associated with switching to online background checks.

So, in such a tight candidate-market, can you afford NOT to make the switch to an automated pre-employment check platform?

VettingGateway provides you with a faster, more reliable way to conduct background checks on a variety of individuals, enhancing your overall background checking process whilst significantly reducing your hiring risk. Ready to find out more? Feel free to book a demo with one of our vetting specialists.


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