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5 must-haves for your Aviation Background Checking Platform

Updated: May 30

It’s no secret that the aviation industry is facing an ongoing labour shortage, leaving airlines and airports grappling for talent in the midst of an extremely competitive hiring environment.

So, how can aviation businesses ensure that they secure the talent they need and stay ahead of increasing competition?

When you’re hiring within a strict airport environment, completing the required pre-employment background checks can lengthen your hiring process considerably, so seeking ways to simplify this process is a great place to start.

Delivering a fantastic candidate experience is key. Applicants are easily deterred by lengthy or complicated hiring processes, so by providing a slick, professional and logical process for them to follow, it ensures you can secure the best-fit candidates for your roles and significantly speed up your time-to-hire.

As a result, many aviation businesses are making the switch to an online background checking platform for their applicants, enabling them to complete all of the required checks at the click of a button. But when you’re new to the process, knowing what you need your platform to deliver can be tricky. That’s why we’ve listed our top 5 must-have features for aviation background checking, gained from years of experience within the industry.

Our top 5 must-haves:

1. The right checks It might sound obvious, but making sure that the platform can offer all of the checks you need for the level you require is crucial. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself having to use multiple platforms, meaning you’ll need additional time and resources to complete your checks. You can find out more about required checks for aviation here.

2. High levels of automation You want to use an online platform to speed up your hiring process, so choosing one with high levels of automation is key to achieving this. Make sure the platform is able to offer features like auto-chasing referees and bulk-inviting candidates. It’ll enable you to speed up your time-to-hire while saving your team hours of time completing administrative tasks.

3. Built-in compliance Your background checking platform should help you achieve compliance by not only making sure the people you hire go through the necessary checks for aviation, but also by ensuring that your end-to-end recruitment process follows GDPR. Candidate consent should be captured when necessary and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) should be automatically deleted within the correct timeframe.

4. Fully-branded Applicant Portal Your applicants should be treated like valued future employees from the moment they log in. Ensuring that your platform delivers an easy-to-use Applicant Portal that guides them through the process step-by-step is essential to delivering a great candidate experience. Mobile-friendly document uploaders, simple user guides and multiple options of communication channel should also feature heavily in the platform.

5. Security features Personal data is an unavoidable component of employment vetting, so security should be a core pillar of your background checking platform. Features like Single Sign-On (SSO) mean you can control access at an organisational level, whilst Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) means your account is protected from hackers and unauthorised access.


These are just a small selection of the must-have features your aviation background checking software should provide. VettingGateway was originally created for the aviation industry, so we understand exactly what you need to achieve from your pre-employment vetting, and how fast you need it. It makes it the perfect platform for managing and automating your aviation background checks, with an average turnaround time of just 22 days (that’s almost 40% faster than the industry average!).

Not only that, but as the only platform that seamlessly integrates with AirportGateway, we’re able to automatically transfer your applicant’s details and documents for an Airside ID pass application, eliminating human error while saving an average of 30 minutes per applicant.

Ready to find out more? Book a demo with one of our vetting experts to discover how VettingGateway can help you.


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