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IDGateway announces the launch of Standard & Enhanced DBS checks in VettingGateway

Updated: May 30

IDGateway, creators of the innovative pre-employment vetting and background checking platform, VettingGateway, has today announced an exciting new product launch which enables users to complete Standard & Enhanced DBS checks within the existing platform.

The addition of Standard & Enhanced DBS checks means that clients now have the ability to complete every background check at the click of a button, saving time, money and additional resource by eliminating the need for multiple platforms or manual checks.

For any organisation that requires a Standard or Enhanced DBS check as part of their employment process, including those working with children or the vulnerable, VettingGateway provides an intuitive solution that revolutionises your background checking process. With clear step-by-step guides for applicants and updates on your candidates’ progress, you can be sure you’ve thoroughly background checked your applicants, supporting best-fit candidate hiring decisions while speeding up your time-to-hire.

Julian Parker, Founder & Managing Director of IDGateway, commented:

"We launched VettingGateway almost three years ago, and it is now used by many leading organisations across a vast range of industries. We knew then that what we had created was a real game-changer for pre-employment background vetting, but we also knew that we didn’t want to stop there. Since the platform’s inception, we have constantly innovated to deliver the additional products and features our clients need to continually streamline their background checks. The launch of Standard & Enhanced DBS Checks is the latest product created in response to our clients’ valued feedback. I’d like to thank the entire team for their hard work and dedication in delivering this, I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved so far with VettingGateway and look forward to announcing more exciting developments in the very near future!”

To find out more about VettingGateway, please book a demo below.


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